COPYWRITNG MARKETING: the lovely wallpaper


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"What is COPYWRITING?" Are we often asked here at Koala Web SEO
"Is it copying the best content?"
Of course not! Google penalize any website with content copied from another website.
And trust us, Google can find similar content among billions of text.
That's amazing how Google can identify a phrase pattern, even if some words have changed!

So what means COPYWRITING?
Copywriting is the art to write magnetic text to keep the clients stuck to your website.
Writing compelling text will push your reader to take action.
ou can not write only text content for Google but also for your clients.

Your text must have a human touch.
Make them feel that you are on the wave as them.
Make them feel that you are on the same vibe!

it makes your clients interested to buy from you.
Your clients will become your friends.
Some will become your fans.

And FANS have a LTV
What means LTV?
LTV stands for LifeTime Value.

We value our parents, we value members of our family.
Value your clients and you will be awarded.
If you have writing skills then you will save a tons of money!

Have you realized that Copywriting is a NUMBER ONE SKILL in marketing?