Web Design Services

This phase is critical because it lays off the future look of your website.
Once the building starts, it's still possible to change but it will make more work and involve more costs.
You first have to draw the plan of your house before the construction company starts to build, don't you think?

You should draw on sheets of paper how you imagine the different pages of your website.
It will help you to formalize your ideas.
Your vision of your website is more easily transmitted to the Web Designer.

Don't worry, if you have never done this before, the Web Designer will help you to choose.
Our advise is to KISS Keep It Stupid Simple.
Too much analysis paralysis will hamper the project.

This is the layout, the wireframe of the website.
After an interview, the Web Designer can have an idea of what you're looking for.
Many interviews may be necessary to adjust.
Each time, the Web Designer will draw a prototype on computer.

The website is made according to your vision.
Imagine that you are talking with the architect who is designing your home.
Did you have a clear vision of your dream house or did you looked into a catalogue?