Web Development Services

"What is Web Development?" isn't it the same as Web Design?
Development means building, construction.
This phase is rather technical.

The Web Developers will build your website following the plan made by the Web Designer.
They are the construction workers.
They follow the plan of the Architect.

Imagine that you are a team of workers who are building different part of your home.
You see the workers digging to install the basement, then the first floor, the second floor and finally the roof.
At the end, you see the workers installing the windows, the doors, the interior walls.
In Website development this is PLUGINS, each plugin has a different function.

The challenge is to install each part with the Best Quality/Price ratio.
Each plugin has a FREE version and a PREMIUM version.
As you guess, the free version is low quality and does not offer maintenance.

For some PLUGINS, we recommend the FREE version as they are not critical like the shades of your window.
But some PLUGINS are critical like the LOCK and the SAFETY DOOR of your house.
Would you let robbers enter your home?
Would you let hackers enter your website?

In the Website industry, you have to choose and compromise which parts are essential from non-essential.